Are You Facing DWI Charges? We Will Protect Your License

Simply being arrested for DWI — without a conviction — can result in license suspension and fines. The attorneys at the Law Firm in Little Rock strive to achieve the best possible result. You can count on us to give you a strong defense against DWI charges.

The Components Of A DWI Charge

DWI is one of the more frequently charged crimes in Arkansas.

It is illegal for most drivers to operate a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 percent or higher. Arkansas law imposes DWI charges at lower BAC levels for underage drivers (.02 percent) and for commercial drivers (.04 percent).

Though not traditionally thought of as a drug crime, a DWI charge can be based on driving while under the influence of drugs. Whether you've been charged with DWI, conventional drug crimes or both, our attorneys are prepared to protect your due process rights and fight for your freedom in court.

Penalties For A DWI Conviction

The penalties for DWI crimes are:

  • For a first offense, the maximum penalty is one year in jail, a fine of $1,000 and a license suspension of 180 days.
  • For a second offense within five years, the maximum penalty is one year in jail (with a minimum of seven days), a fine of $3,000 and a license suspension of two years.
  • For a third offense within five years, the maximum penalty is one year in jail (with a 90-day minimum), a fine of $5,000 and a license suspension of 30 months.
  • The fourth or subsequent offense within five years is charged as a felony.

In DWI cases, Arkansas does not allow you to plead to a lesser-included offense such as reckless driving.

Should I Refuse To Take The Breathalyzer Or Blood Test?

A common question we hear is whether you should submit to law enforcement's attempts to measure your blood-alcohol content through a breath or blood test.

If you refuse to take a chemical test in Arkansas, your license will be suspended for six months for a first offense, two years for a second offense and three years for a third offense.

On the other hand, if you refuse to take a test to determine your BAC, the prosecution must rely on more subjective evidence, such as field sobriety tests and the police officer's testimony, to prove intoxication.

You must decide which factor is more important to you and act accordingly. In either case, call us to begin building your defense.

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