Tenacious Defense For Drug-Trafficking Cases

Drug trafficking crimes encompass a wide range of substances and actions. To be convicted of drug trafficking, you do not have to be the one driving the car or truck. The attorneys at the Law Firm challenge the government's version of events and defend you based on the law and the facts. We know the law, and we have the resources to fully investigate the facts.

Common Federal Drug Crimes And Penalties

The federal government has devoted substantial resources to its war on drugs. The number of drug arrests and the penalties for federal drug crimes has increased dramatically:

Offense 1984 max penalty 2008 max penalty
Simple trafficking40 yearsLife
Importing40 yearsLife
Using a vehicle for trafficking40 yearsLife
Manufacturing40 yearsLife

To fight drug distribution and trafficking charges, you need an aggressive and experienced defense attorney.

Legal Defenses To Drug Crimes

Despite the resources at the disposal of the FBI and the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), the government's evidence is often subject to attack on various grounds:

  • The federal agents may not have had probable cause to make the arrest.
  • Audio and video surveillance evidence may be unclear or subject to multiple interpretations.
  • Witnesses may turn out to be unreliable informants who are themselves criminals.
  • There may be gaps in the chain of custody of the evidence, or the evidence may be scientifically unsound.

Our criminal defense lawyers strive to expose the weaknesses in the government's case and use those weaknesses to your benefit.

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