Have You Been Charged With A White-Collar Crime?

The phrase "white-collar crime" was coined around 1939 and refers to the white collars worn by business executives accused of nonviolent, financially motivated crimes. A number of criminal offenses in Arkansas can be considered while-collar crimes. Penalties for financial crimes include prison terms, fines and restitution.

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Examples Of White-Collar Crimes

White-collar crimes often are federal offenses. They share at least one common trait: deception is used to steal money.

  • Money laundering involves moving and concealing criminal revenues.
  • Bribery can be by direct means (giving cash in exchange for favorable treatment) or indirect means (for example, arranging a no-interest loan in exchange for preferential treatment).
  • Tax evasion is among the most common white-collar crimes.
  • Insurance fraud can involve filing a false claim or inflating the value of an insured loss.
  • Wire, Internet or mail fraud is often charged as an additional count on top of the underlying fraud. For example, if you file a false insurance claim over the Internet, you can be charged with multiple offenses.
  • Embezzlement is the fraudulent conversion of another person's property by a person who is in a position of trust, such as a bookkeeper.

Criminal Penalties For White-Collar Offenses

The penalties depend on how much money was involved. Did the offender pocket a few transactions or funnel millions to a dummy corporation? Since these are often federal crimes, there generally is jail time involved, along with fines and restitution.

There are also consequences beyond jail time and fines — the damage to your family and to your professional reputation.

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