Charged With A Crime? Our Attorneys Will Fight to Protect Your Rights

Since 1994, the Law Firm has represented clients at every level of the Arkansas and federal courts. There is no substitute for an experienced attorney, and we have both technical knowledge and practical experience.

We know the criminal law process and are familiar with the rules — written and unwritten — of the courts in our region. Our lawyers leave no stone unturned when we're building a solid defense for you.

At the Law Firm, we are known for defending individuals who have been charged with felonies. But our lawyers also accept misdemeanor cases.

Prosecutors Know That We're Aggressive

Law Firm is the largest criminal defense law firm in Arkansas. For two decades, we have been providing the people of Arkansas cost-effective defense in thousands of cases, from municipal courts to the Supreme Court. Here are some facts about our diverse criminal law practice:

  • Homicide — Law Firm defends all levels of homicide offenses, up to and including capital cases.
  • Robbery — Our well-prepared attorneys will defend you against robbery charges, whether you have been arrested for simple robbery or aggravated robbery.
  • DWI — If the government alleges that you were driving while intoxicated, we will use every legal tool available to challenge the state's evidence.
  • Drug possession — Possession of a controlled substance can carry serious penalties. At Law Firm, we work to suppress the state's improperly obtained evidence and defend your rights in court.
  • Drug distribution — Drug trafficking and distribution charges can involve street drugs as well as prescription drugs. Trafficking and distribution convictions are generally punished more severely that drug possession. We will start working on your case immediately to help secure your freedom.
  • Sex crimes — Prostitution and child pornography are just two examples of the wide range of nonviolent sex crimes charges we defend clients against. The government also is targeting Internet sex crimes against minors. We make the prosecutors meet their burden of proof while challenging their evidence and methods.
  • Sexual assault — Rape and sexual assault are considered violent sex crimes. A conviction for a violent sex crime can mean a long prison sentence and lifelong registration as a sex offender. We will aggressively defend you with an understanding that, if convicted, your life will never be the same.
  • Weapons charges — Our attorneys have extensive experience defending Arkansas residents against state and federal weapons charges.
  • Federal crimes — Federal crimes are prosecuted in an entirely different court system from state crimes. It is critical to retain an attorney who knows the federal playing field and can anticipate the government's next move. We have two decades of experience in both state and federal courts.
  • Organized crime — We effectively defend clients charged with RICO violations and other organized crime allegations in Arkansas.
  • Juvenile crimes — Our aggressive, knowledgeable attorneys will work to shield your child from the harsh consequences of a conviction of a juvenile crime.
  • Appeals — We don't stop fighting for your freedom. When there's a basis for taking your case up on appeal, we do it.

Whether it means arguing for you at trial, working out a plea bargain or fighting for your rights on appeal, Law Firm is your partner for the duration of your criminal case.

Flat Fees For Every Case

At the Law Firm, we offer flat fees for everything. There are no surprises.

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When you're charged with a crime, it's you vs. the government. But when you hire the Law Firm, you change your odds. We love underdogs, and we will help you achieve the best possible outcome.

To speak with one of our criminal defense attorneys, call the Law Firm at 501-375-0900 in Little Rock or contact us through our website.

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