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Apparent mistaken call to 911 sparks drug crimes arrest

Drug arrests can come about in a variety of different situations in Arkansas, with some of them being unusual. Not all cases stem from a conventional traffic stop or a long-term investigation by multiple agencies. Regardless of the way an arrest was made and the charges that end up being filed, it is imperative for those dealing with allegations of drug crimes to be aware of their rights. Since a conviction can result in incarceration, large fines, and the long-term negative implications that accompany a drug conviction, having legal assistance is a must.

Arkansas man faces drug crimes for marijuana bushes at home

Although the nationwide debate as to whether marijuana should be legal or not removed a big chunk of the stigma associated with crimes related to the drug, it remains illegal in Arkansas except for medical purposes. Since that is the case, people are still facing drug crimes for involvement in marijuana. Regardless of the drug being treated more liberally in the U.S., it can result in jail time, fines and other penalties for those who sell and possess it. It is important not to forget that when there is an arrest and to have legal help to prepare a defense.

Man arrested for drug crimes related to steroids

In Arkansas, alleged drug crimes and arrests can come in many ways. While they will often be perceived as having to do with street drugs like heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and even marijuana, other drugs can lead to an arrest. Some of these are prescription drug crimes. Others are related to performance enhancement. That includes steroids. Because in many circles, steroids are not viewed as a major problem, people might think they will not face hefty punishments if they are arrested and charged with acts related to them. They are wrong. When a person is arrested for steroids, having legal help is just as crucial as it is for street drugs.

Man arrested on multiple drug crimes for selling out of his home

Allegations of drug crimes can take many forms in Arkansas and involve a variety of drugs. It might be so-called hard, "street" drugs, in which the person is involved in trafficking or sale. The same drugs can be found on a person who is a drug user. Or, the drugs in question could be legal provided there is a prescription for them. Being arrested on drug charges can have severe consequences on a person's life regardless of the drugs they are reputedly involved with. In a similar vein, the circumstances under which a person is arrested can vary. No matter the situation, having legal assistance for planning the defense is a key part of resolving it in the best way possible.

Man arrested for allegedly selling methamphetamine

Since drugs are such a grand scale problem throughout Arkansas, law enforcement is vigilant in its attempts to tamp down on the issue by pursuing those accused of being involved in its sale. One drug that is becoming more prevalent is methamphetamine. As a Schedule II drug, it is categorized with cocaine, oxycodone and other drugs. For a person who is arrested for its sale, having a strong legal defense can make all the difference between an extended prison sentence and possibly an acquittal.

Can I be charged with drug crimes for fraudulent practices?

In Arkansas, law enforcement and legislators are serious about preventing fraud with controlled substances. Although, street drugs are perceived to be a significant problem in society, prescription medications are increasingly being mentioned as causing damage to people who abuse them. Many prototypical "street" drugs can be acquired legally via prescription. Those who either seek to acquire these drugs fraudulently and those who are providing them fraudulently can face charges if they are caught and arrested. Understanding the law with fraudulent practices with controlled substances is integral to lodging a strong defense against these drug crimes.

Rear-end crash leads to allegations of drug crimes

In Arkansas, there is often a perception that being arrested for driving while intoxicated is generally limited to alcohol. However, it can also involve drugs. When a person is arrested for DWI drugs and other drug crimes, the charges can be significant. This is especially true if there is an accident and the person has drugs on his or her person. Then the case takes a drastic turn and the potential penalties are much more substantial. In such a circumstance, having legal help is imperative from the time of the arrest and beyond.

Having a lawyer is crucial when facing distribution drug crimes

Little Rock residents and those throughout Arkansas who find themselves under investigation and arrested for drug crimes should know the difference in charges and penalties between possession and distribution. While there are penalties for people who are caught with certain amounts of drugs whether it is for their own use or for low-level sale, people who are charged with distribution will face harsher penalties. In any case, having legal assistance is a must.

Former college football running back arrested for drug crimes

Because drugs are such a prominent issue in Arkansas and law enforcement is seeking to reduce it and the crimes related to it, there are constantly investigations into possible wrongdoing related to drugs. Included in that is marijuana, which remains illegal in the state, even with many other states taking steps to reduce the penalties related to it and even legalize it entirely. When there is an arrest of anyone on marijuana charges, having legal assistance from a law firm that specializes in drug defense is essential.

Drug crimes and enhanced penalties for making methamphetamine

Arkansas takes the manufacture of methamphetamine seriously and prosecutors will pursue significant penalties for those who are convicted of taking part in these drug crimes. For those who are involved in the manufacturing of this drug, it is important to understand the potential penalties they will face. For some, there can be enhanced penalties, depending on the circumstances. Understanding the law related to this issue is important when considering whether to plead guilty or "nolo contendere" to manufacturing methamphetamine.

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