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Drug Crimes Archives

Former college football running back arrested for drug crimes

Because drugs are such a prominent issue in Arkansas and law enforcement is seeking to reduce it and the crimes related to it, there are constantly investigations into possible wrongdoing related to drugs. Included in that is marijuana, which remains illegal in the state, even with many other states taking steps to reduce the penalties related to it and even legalize it entirely. When there is an arrest of anyone on marijuana charges, having legal assistance from a law firm that specializes in drug defense is essential.

Drug crimes and enhanced penalties for making methamphetamine

Arkansas takes the manufacture of methamphetamine seriously and prosecutors will pursue significant penalties for those who are convicted of taking part in these drug crimes. For those who are involved in the manufacturing of this drug, it is important to understand the potential penalties they will face. For some, there can be enhanced penalties, depending on the circumstances. Understanding the law related to this issue is important when considering whether to plead guilty or "nolo contendere" to manufacturing methamphetamine.

Man arrested for major drug crimes related to meth and more

Law enforcement officers in Arkansas do whatever they can to put a stop to drug operations. This can include pursuing those who are accused of being involved in drug sales and distribution. For people who find themselves under arrest for drug crimes, the long-term penalties and other consequences can be life-changing. This is especially true with allegations related to drug trafficking. Since the punishments for a conviction can be so harsh, those who find themselves charged must remember the importance of combating the charges.

Truck drivers facing allegations of drug crimes

Since drugs are such a perceived problem in Little Rock, throughout Arkansas and across the nation, law enforcement is intent on putting a stop to crimes related to it. That can involve people who are using it for themselves, those selling it at a street level, and those who are accused of being involved in drug trafficking and distribution. The penalties for these crimes can vary based on the charges. It is important for anyone who is arrested for drug crimes to understand the possibility of lengthy jail terms, fines, and other penalties that accompany a conviction and seek legal help to formulate a defense.

Couple arrested for marijuana drug crimes and other charges

It is important for Arkansas residents to realize that despite the ongoing national debate as to whether marijuana should be illegal or not, it is still against the law in Arkansas. People who are caught in acts that law enforcement believes to be related to its cultivation and sale will face charges for that. When placed under arrest for marijuana or any drug crimes, one of the main factors in the case's outcome is having a strong legal defense. Immediately after the arrest, this is the first call that should be made.

What are the penalties for marijuana drug crimes?

Since marijuana is becoming legalized in some states, it can be confusing to people as to whether their state has legalized it, under what circumstances it might be legal, and if they can still face allegations of drug crimes should they have the substance. Arkansas residents should know that they can still face criminal charges for marijuana. However, it is legal for medical use. Knowing the various situations in which they can be charged and the penalties is important. Those who have been arrested for marijuana-related charges must also seek legal help to lodge a defense.

Two charged with drug crimes, gun possession, car theft and more

In Arkansas, drug crimes are taken very seriously with harsh penalties for those who are convicted of them. The circumstances will inevitably vary with every case. For example, a person might be arrested with a minimal amount that was likely for personal use. Another might find him or herself in trouble with the law with an amount that is significant and is believed to have been earmarked for sale or distribution. Regardless, those who are placed under arrest for drug crimes should make sure they have a strong defense in place.

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